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Amalgam Web and Media
About Us

Who We Are

We are a media business based in Rochester, NY which handles the development, management, and maintenance of websites and digital designs. We cater to media needs and provide our services to both large and small clients, and meet both professional and personal needs. Local clients (from Rochester and neighboring communities) will appreciate our willingness to meet in person to discuss the projects. We understand the Rochester area and the particular and unique needs of local businesses. Distant clients will be pleased with our effective communication and quick, detail-oriented service.

Amalgam Web and Media officially started in July of 2009, but did you know that it was operated under a different name for over four years prior? Though we may be new, we have established a solid and reputable foundation. Our connections with other organizations, such as PayPal and high-quality stock photography files, help us give you the best service possible. We are based out of Rochester, New York, but develop sites for both local and national businesses, and serve client internationally.

The Way We Work

Amalgam operates under five basic principles: customization, high quality, low cost, personal service, and quick turnaround. There are several other organizations that do what we do, but what gives us our edge are our ideals. We realize you want your custom projects completed for the best price and best quality. This is our priority. Amalgam gives you personal one-on-one assistance, making sure all details meet your expectations. We also know you want the results as quickly as possible, and we will work around the clock to get you what you need, when you need it. We have constructed full websites in as little as one day.

Why Work With Amalgam?

Amalgam is reliable and knowledgable and take pride in our work. At the end, you will have a unique media product. We make sure that all the inner workings function properly and are built to last. We make sure that:

  • our code meets W3C standards
  • the site presents properly in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Google Chrome, Safari, and more.
  • the site appears properly on any monitor resolution, such as older, more pixilated monitors and modern full-color resolutions
  • the site works on both PCs and MACs
  • the site's code is written efficiently and robustly
  • the code is written clearly to allow for easy future updates
  • the sites load quickly
  • The images and media are optimized for the best resolution and quickest download speed

We are accurate. We are affordable. We give the better price for high-quality custom business solutions.

Who Needs a Website?

Everyone may have a need for a site at some point. Websites are great for businesses, but also for individuals developing a professional portfolio, a group or organization advertising services, informing friends and family about a wedding or gathering, and so on. Whatever the situation, Amalgam can help you find your solution.

Return on investment is the foundation of advertising. As a result of investing in advertising or improving your media, you earn back more than the initial cost. All businesses should have websites, as it is both a cost worthy and effective means of advertising. It can also reach a global market if necessary.


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Amalgam Web and Media
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