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Amalgam Web and Media
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an amalgam?

"Amalgam" (pronounced uh-MAL-guhm) is a term which describes any mix or combination. It is also a chemistry term which describes an alloy containing mercury (hence the red and silver colors). This company is an amalgam of different media services. Therefore, we are "a mix of all the right elements"!

Why should I choose you for my services?

Excellent question! First, you've found us, so the hard part is over. We take pride in our principles. We offer incredibly competitive prices while giving you one on one service, high quality products, and custom projects to meet your needs, all while keeping a quick turnaround for all projects. We also offer email, phone, and live instant messaging support. We offer fully customizable projects and can cater any project to your requirements and budget. Also, visit our site frequently for special deals and promotions. We also offer a wide range of media services from website design and development to printed media.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal transactions, and personal checks. If you would prefer a different payment method, contact us. We will try as hard as we can to do it your way.

What if I am not sure what I need?

A staff member will work with you personally to ensure that you are given everything you need for your project. We will give you prompt, professional advice for any project when requested... free of charge! Simply contact us to discuss your project with an associate.

What services do you offer?

Our main services are web design and development and a full range of web element services, such as Flash development, language translation, hosting, search engine optimization, and much more!. We also offer print media, digital design services, and usability consulting. Visit the services page for more information.

Do you offer web hosting?

We do, and we dare you to find a better price! Most companies charge between $80 to $240 a year for hosting... and the lower prices are reserved for those who purchase many years in advance. We charge the low price of $50 / year AND you get a wide range of free technologies with the package, including up to 1,000 custom email accounts and a traffic analyzer. Our servers are equipped with web technologies including PHP5 and MySQL. If anyone offers less that we do, there’s a catch. Some hosting companies do not allow custom URLs, which compromises professionalism and SEO. For more information, visit the Hosting Services page.

How can I contact you?

You may contact us by phone at 585-748-8301, email at, by mail, or by instant messenger at amalgamsupport. Click here for live chat, and to see our full list of contacting options. If you or your business is located in or around Rochester, New York, it may be possible to meet with a representative in person. Send us a message to schedule an appointment.

Already know what you need? Send us a quote request, and we will send you a price within one business day.

I have a unique project. Are you willing to quote it?

Sure! If this is a service we can provide, we will certainly quote it for you.

Regardless, a sales representative will send you a personal email regarding your project within one business day.

What do other people think about your services?

Read our testimonials to see why so many people are choosing Amalgam.

How will I be billed?

You will receive a detailed quote request with a mailing address and a PayPal link. You can pay either by sending a check for the stated amount, or using a Credit Card or PayPal account online using our secure PayPal service.

Will my site be search engine friendly?

Absolutely! All sites we create, no matter the price, are designed and developed for search engine optimization (SEO). We will also submit your sites to search engines like Google and Yahoo for free. We add the appropriate meta tags searching robots seek when crawling sites. After developing your site, we will also offer services to improve SEO even more.

How much control do I have over the content?

You have complete control over what goes on your site. You approve the designs, and you send us the text. Of course, we could write the content for you if you choose.

You may also manage the content on your site. You could ask us to change it for you, or you can request that we develop an administration system so that you can manage the content yourself.

Will you continue to maintain my site?

We will completely maintain your site until it is developed. Afterwards, you may appoint us to modify and manage your site, keeping it up to date and adding new content.